Whilst the focus is fairly and squarely on COVID-19 and all of the advice that goes along with it, there are some other unsung heroes out there in addition to our amazing health care workers, teachers, child care workers and retail staff who are working tirelessly to ensure we are kept safe and continue to be able to live our lives, albeit in isolation.

These people are not out there spruiking their wares at this time, they are bunkered down, trying to protect their workforces as best they can and helping their CEO’s, bosses, peers and teams survive one of the worst economic downturns most of them will have ever seen and hopefully will never see again.

Human Resources, People & Culture, People Experience (whatever you want to call them) individuals and teams across the country are currently working their butts off to ensure the workforce is kept safe. Together with their colleagues, they have enabled thousands and thousands of workers to work from home (safely); they have worked to ensure that as many people stay employed as possible by reviewing salary, remuneration options and leave options; and unfortunately they will also be there to assist with the ‘standing down’, ‘laying off’ of many, many people with as much compassion, dignity and thought as they can. At the same time, many will also be the calm, strong, sounding board and voice of wisdom and advice to their CEO’s, Executives, peers and teams.

HR is often much maligned, challenged to be more commercial, more caring, less bureaucratic and nimbler. But it is times like this, that HR demonstrates their worth. Working 24×7, they are enabling their businesses to focus on what is really important and for many at the moment, this is simply to stay afloat and come out the other side.

So… to all of my HR friends and colleagues in companies big and small, I hope you are getting the support you need and are following the advice I know you are giving to everyone else!