A new approach to building HR capability.

ShiloPeople Pty Ltd (shilo.) – Established – Melbourne Australia 2019

At shilo. we understand the challenges organisations face every day to stay ahead in an increasingly complex world. We know that competition and the constant threat of disruption is not going away. We also know that people are equally complex (if not more-so) and they are critical to organisational strategy and success. shilo. supports businesses with “People” people.

The world of work is changing and so to must the way businesses run their day-to-day operations. No longer do organisations require a static workforce to perform the same roles and tasks year on year. They need an agile and dynamic workforce that can adapt to the changing needs of the business. The ability to flex the workforce up and down to deliver what the business needs at specific points in time and to be able to shift resourcing to focus on different work as the business grows, evolves, and changes will be critical to an organisation’s success. Businesses need to be smarter about the way they structure and create a more agile and dynamic workforce. There are many ways to achieve this including restructuring teams to become more agile and continuing to develop existing resources with new technologies and skills.

Sometimes organisations are moving and changing at such a rapid pace that the best solution is to utilise a contingent workforce to deliver on a specific initiative, bring in the specialisation they need at specific points in time, or to support them through a period of growth. Functions such as IT, legal and finance are already doing this well. HR should also be leading the way in how to best set up their teams and functions for long term success to help the business deliver on its strategic priorities.

shilo. provides you with a new way of doing business. HR has suffered a credibility problem for a while now and we aim to change this. At shilo. we support organisations to deliver on their strategy and to drive business performance by skilfully matching our wonderful ‘people’ talent to business needs and enabling them to flex their team up or down at the right time. We will help them work through their needs, and our shilo.consultants are ready to go and can start immediately.
At shilo. we are a purpose and values driven organisation that prides ourselves on the way we collaborate and demonstrate our values through every interaction we have with our clients and consultants.

How do we do it?

shilo. provides a compelling alternative to the recruitment agency and contractor market and the top tier consulting firms.

shilo. has recruited and developed an exceptional team of HR professionals across many disciplines. We have senior through to junior consultants and generalists through to highly specialised HR professionals that can assist with any HR need. All our consultants go through a rigorous process and are fully vetted to ensure we select the right people to support the right business need. Our consultants are our employees and are ‘seconded’ to organisations. All work is conducted through a statement of work (SOW) arrangement.

Once a consultant is correctly matched to a client and their specific need, we support both the business and consultant throughout the entire secondment with a strong and focussed relationship-based, client/consultant engagement approach. Our consultants can draw on the expertise of the rest of our team and have access to resources and ongoing professional development.

Leveraging the shilo. approach and their team of experienced consultants, enables organisations to meet their HR needs and with little or no notice.

An innovative Approach

Our clients and our consultants are equally important to us. For our clients it is about how easy we make it for them to engage with us and get the right resources in as quickly as possible. And for our consultants it is about creating a supportive environment where they continue to learn and develop in their HR careers and connect with other like-minded professionals. It really is that simple.

HR Teams Need Talent Too

1. High Touch Client Relationship Approach

We pride ourselves on how easy we have made it for our clients to engage with us. It starts with a conversation to determine the level of support required, the skills and experience needed, budget and the estimated time it will take to deliver. We then skilfully match the right consultant to the business need, set up a time to meet them and if there is a match they can start immediately.

Our NFP Story An iconic, well known and highly respected not for profit organisation was experiencing significantly increased workloads compounded by the global pandemic. Their role is to support the community nationally but they also needed to support and transform their own workforce in order to meet the increased demands. Unfortunately, regardless of COVID-19, the demands were unlikely to abate in anyway. The new Head of People and Culture reached out to shilo. She was brand new into the role and faced the prospect of needing to support the transformation of this iconic organisation, but with a significantly depleted team and limited HR capability to draw on. A new business wide operating model had been agreed and needed to be implemented urgently. This was an enormous project, with tight deadlines and it was critical it was done well so that they could focus on the issues facing the community at large. There was an urgent requirement to bring on two skilled HR generalists who could work with each of the senior leaders to support them in implementing their new organisational structures. They needed to be experienced enough to coach and advise their respective senior leaders and not afraid to get into the operational requirements of a restructure implementation. In addition, to ensure the project ran smoothly, they required a more junior administrative HR resource to assist with logistics, support the more senior HR business partners and keep track of critical milestones in the project. Within 24 hours, shilo. was able to put forward 3 profiles of suitable consultants from the shilo.bench. We matched the consultants based on our short discussions with the Head of People and Culture. The Head of P&C met with each of the consultants for 15-20 minutes the next day. This meeting is to ensure the consultants will fit with the team and culture of the organisation. There is no need for lengthy interviews as shilo.consultants have all been through the full recruitment process including references and police checks. All three consultants were taken on board by the NFP. The letter of engagement was turned around within the 24 hours and all three consultants started the next day. For the Head of P&C, she had invested approximately 1.5 hours of her time to bring on exceptional HR capability, with the whole process resolved within the week. The relief in her voice and demeanour was palpable. The two HR generalist were extended multiple times, one remains on secondment with the business. Since this time, two more shilo.consultants have started with this NFP. Another HR generalist and a talent acquisition specialist. These roles are to support the Head of P&C with the final stages of the transformation. The shilo. team continues to support this NFP and in particular the Head of P&C to deliver on significant priorities. Our high touch, client relationship model ensures that we are always close by and always in touch, ensuring our consultants continue to meet your needs. Whenever we check in – the answer is always. “OMG… they are just great. Thank you so much!”

2. Supporting our consultants every step of the way

We are equally passionate about supporting our consultants and the experience they have in joining our team. From their first interaction with shilo. we pride ourselves in making it a positive and engaging experience. There are three experiences our consultants have with us which include;

  1. Recruitment experience – where we really get to know them, their skills and experience and what they are truly passionate about.
  2. Community experience – all our consultants have access to professional networking, HR insights and best practice, and knowledge sharing sessions.
  3. Client secondment experience – once they secure their first secondment, they have the option to be set up with a mentor or coach, buddied up with other experienced consultants whilst they continue to build on their HR skills and experiences.

Our Consultant Stories

Sue Sue has been out of the HR Profession whilst she raised her 2 young boys and was keen to move back into the profession. We spent a couple of months bringing her up to speed with the latest thinking and trends in HR and had her complete some HR tasks to get her confidence back up. Once we felt she was ready we placed her with a client whose Head of HR was new to the role and needed some business partnering support and help to address some significant employee relations matters. We also buddied Sue up with an experienced Employee Relations consultant in the shilo. team to be a mentor for the duration of the secondment. The client feedback has been outstanding and they have been blown away by the support Sue has provided to the business. Not only this, but her confidence has grown, she continues to have the flexibility she needs to spend time with her family – working part time, she can work remotely with occasional visits to the office and she knows she has the backing of shilo. no matter what comes her way.

Geoff and Mary Geoff is a Senior HR Consultant whose roles have seen him specialise in Employee Relations matters. Mary is also a Senior HR Consultant who has specialisation in OD, Culture and Change. Both consultants were on client engagements that required them to deliver work in their areas of specialisation but also to provide some support in the areas that was not in their area of specialisation. We buddied the consultants up to support each other and share insights and advice so they could deliver on their client’s expectations. Both have done an outstanding job and have received glowing feedback on the quality of work they have delivered. They have also built a strong friendship and know that the shilo. community is there to support them no matter how senior or experienced they are. They have both acknowledged that one of the great things about shilo. is that everyone wants everyone else to be successful. There is a willingness to share information and support each other to learn. They feel they belong to a team that enables them to be the best they can be.

The world is changing at such a rapid pace and it really is HR’s time to shine. It is our opportunity as HR professionals to step up and lead the way on how work can be done differently and how we can leverage the skills and experience we need at different points in time to help businesses achieve their goals and strategic imperatives. Bringing in a contingent workforce at different stages and the different skills and experiences to deliver specific pieces of work makes commercial sense. At shilo. we are passionate about doing this in a way that makes it easy for HR and business leaders to do business with us and provide the best consultant match possible backed by a supportive team to set them up for success!