Our People Consulting Offering

Delivering on strategic people outcomes

Organisations are facing increasingly complex people opportunities and challenges that are dynamic and often unknown in the context of what has been done in the past. Our consulting approach is to understand the critical business drivers and people agenda and from that, identify the best way for shilo. to support organisations.

We have consulting approaches that can be tailored, adapted and refined to suit the needs of the clients and the opportunity that exists, they aren’t solutions looking for a problem. We will “mix and match” consulting offerings and toolkits to ensure the best outcomes.

We partner with organisations to deliver the best outcomes for the client, including remuneration specialists and leadership and culture assessments.

We will utilise our on-demand capability, if required, to supplement the implementation and operationalisation of the outcomes.

Our pricing model is based on deliverables/outcomes, our business model enables us to price competitively as we don’t have significant overheads or partnership models to manage.

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