Our SCALE.people Offering

We understand the uniqueness of start-up, scale-up and growth organisations and provide fit for purpose solutions.

Many Founders, CEOs, Boards, Executives and Investors are grappling with a complex and changing landscape, one filled with much growth, opportunity and challenge.

In order to differentiate, compete and succeed, growing organisations need to focus on a people strategy that positions them to thrive in the changing world.

At shilo. we are passionate about supporting the success and growth of every business. We believe there are key elements to enabling your business to grow and these will require review and consideration depending upon where you are in your growth cycle.

Key Considerations


»  The right level of HR support across all aspects of your people operations and strategy such as recruitment, performance, culture and engagement.

»  A commercial and pragmatic people strategy as your business grows, i.e., start-up, scale-up and beyond.

»  Defined culture, purpose, values and ways of working to retain what works well (‘secret sauce’) and evolve and prepare for the future.

»  Recruiting and retaining critical skills and/or talent.

»  Developing leadership capabilities at all levels.

»  Remuneration, performance and benefits frameworks to reward, retain and align your people and organisational performance.

»  A fit for purpose organisational model including considerations such as geographies (domestic and global jurisdictions), functions, products and/or customers.

»  Support for founders as the role transitions and evolves with the organisation.

At shilo, we understand the uniqueness of start-up, scale-up and growth environments. Approaches to human resources and the people strategy need to be agile, flexible and “fit for purpose” taking into account each stage of growth.

We understand the complexities of privately owned organisations and those businesses progressing trough the investment cycle including pre-seed, series A+ funding rounds, trade sale and initial public offering (IPO).

As an organisation matures and grows, shilo. adapts and partners with you.

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