Our Story

Reinventing Human Resources

Like many good ideas, shilo. was born over a long overdue lunch date for Sharna and Ilona, organised by a mutual friend and colleague… thanks Susan! They have worked together and known each other for over 20 years now, their careers taking them on parallel yet different paths, their skills and experiences different but with one key factor binding them together. They both actually care about people.

Tired of the criticism of the human resources profession and recognising the criticism was often founded, it was time to do something about it. At shilo. we understand the challenges businesses face every day to stay ahead in an increasingly complex world. We know that competition and the constant threat of disruption is not going away. We also know that people are equally complex (if not more-so) and they are critical to your strategy and your success.

Ilona Charles and Sharna Peters - shilo. people

Ilona Charles and Sharna Peters – shilo.

You need people who understand people and who will deliver. The future of work must include people equipped for the future.

Our strength lies in our investment in our team. We are thrilled to have created a community of HR Professionals who share our values, ideas, fun and success. We practice what we preach and support our team to deliver their best, every day. They are commercial, motivated and passionate.

We want our people to get to know you and your team, to understand your strategy, your culture, your vision; to be part of your team and support you to deliver on your people strategy and goals.

Get in touch with us today and let’s talk ‘people’.

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