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Timing is everything


shilo. provides capacity and bandwidth

Our flexible, on demand shilo. consultants have your short-term resourcing needs covered. Whatever the reason, whether its short or long-term leave, a resignation – we can assist you to ensure important work continues to be delivered and business needs are met whilst you recruit to fill permanently if needed. We supplement your team as needed.

Starting up/Scaling Up

shilo. can help you grow your business

shilo. is well equipped to help your business grow. We work with start-ups and scaling up organisations to ensure you have the right plan in place. As a start-up, short term specific support may be needed to establish best practice HR policies and procedures. Make sure the basics are covered. As you evolve, we can provide strategic support, guidance and resourcing to ensure you and your team are set up for success.


shilo. can make an impact on people projects

We are a team of HR experts who can provide high quality support around any project or initiative that has a people focus. It might be a transformation project, strategic planning or setting up world class people processes – whatever it is, we can provide our support or expertise on the best approach.

Future of Work

shilo. provides people solutions to future proof your business

In an increasingly technological world, while you can’t protect your business from digital disruption, you can focus on equipping your people for the future. We will support you to understand the implications of the digital age on your people and create people solutions that will contribute to a sustainable and thriving business.

Our team is on top of the latest digital trends. We can provide innovative tech solutions to your people problems to ensure that as the world becomes increasingly digital, your business evolves with it.

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