Recently our team attended the HR Leaders Forum in Sydney, where our CEO and Co-Founder Ilona Charles spoke at the event. 

On the topic of transparent leadership and the and the evolving role of HR, Ilona spoke about the chaotic and stressful nature of the last 2 years, and the implications this had on the changing role of HR. These are some of the things we are hearing and seeing.

Fatigue and Exhaustion:

The last two- and a-bit years have been exhausting and at the same time, somewhat energising, creating some amazing opportunities for HR professionals to lead the way in their organisations. The world environment has changed significantly and is increasingly volatile and complex, this has translated to complex workplace environments where HR is required to be many things to many people. For HR to capitalise on the last couple of years, we need to look after ourselves first. What do you need to be successful and impactful? How do you best look after yourself and your teams, so you are able to engage with and support others?

Workforce Effectiveness:

The pandemic has led to fundamental shifts in the way work is done. We cannot simply revert to how things were done before. Empathy, care, and respect for individual employee needs were critical attributes required for keeping the workforce engaged and productive. Whilst there is a strong desire to regain some control and put in place new policies that apply to all (potentially to limit the above issue of fatigue), we run the risk of losing great talent – let alone attracting them!

HR Leadership:

Is evolving. HR needs to continue to expand and evolve its role in the executive team and across the organisation, modelling the values and behaviours expected of all. Vulnerability, authenticity, and transparency are all attributes we expect in others – we must also expect this of ourselves. To lead with impact we must first lead and make sure we have the right skills, capabilities and mindsets in our own teams to support us to do so.

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