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Francheska E’silva


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Francheska has spent the early part of her career in HR generalist roles covering all aspects across the employee lifecycle. Her last role saw her step into the strategic HR consulting space where she worked on various HR projects. Early on in her career, she came to understand the importance of the well-known fact that 80% of our lives are spent at work. This fact was the driving force behind Francheska’s need to change the way work is done and understood. Given these facts she believes that work can have a profound impact on the quality of our lives and therefore has made it her mission to understand the factors that contribute to a positive work experience.

She believes that understanding not only the human experience of things but the human mind itself and its many facets will bridge the gap of where we are now in the world of work to where we need to be. Her obsession with making the workplace a better experience for all lead her to volunteer as one of the Partners for the HACKING HR movement in Melbourne. In her role she works to find different ways to transform the HR function through technology, people and the future of work, and how these elements combined will set the scene for the next decade in the world of work.

Francheska has a key interest in the areas of the ageing workforce, the multigenerational workforce, wellbeing and diversity and inclusion. When she is not obsessing about the dynamics of the work world, you can find her befriending her textbooks attempting to complete her post grad studies in Psychology. When she is not consumed by her studies you will find her a) drawing the day away b) reading or c) roaming Melbourne with her partner and their border collie puppy Donatello trying to find the next best coffee spot.