Patricia Papanastasiou


Patricia Papanastasiou shilo

Trish Papanastasiou is our Business Support and joined us in March 2021.  Trish has juggled various roles in between having her 3 children but has now landed with shilo. to provide support in a number of business activities from various administration duties to implementing a mentoring hub program for the   In her work life she is a dedicated and loyal employee with over 10 years of Human Resources experience. She has focussed on developing efficient processes using her knowledge of HR data analysis, recruitment, employee relations, training and development. She likes to be highly efficient and enjoys learning new things.  She finds immersing herself in metrics and data incredibly satisfying.  In her personal life, she loves time with her family and connecting with friends. She cannot live without her coffee and finds creative painting therapeutic.  She is highly competitive when it comes to board games and finds laughter is the best medicine.