The shilo. way

The future is people

At shilo. we understand that the world of work is changing at a rapid pace and businesses and the people within them, need to adapt to continue to grow and be successful.

The Human Resources profession needs to evolve. Variously known as Personnel – Human Resources – People & Culture – People – People Experience – Talent; a transition in name is not enough.

The delivers significant impact by delivering value to you and your team when you need it most.

Human resources is broken

We’ve all heard these criticisms and complaints about HR, often accompanied by eye rolling and sighs of disappointment. Human Resources:

  • Has too many rules
  • Has too many processes
  • Is not commercial. They don’t understand my business
  • Ironically, they don’t seem to care about people
  • Is a blocker to getting things done
  • Are too slow to act
  • Creates best practice HR solutions but they don’t meet my needs now. There’s too many initiatives and not enough support to do what I need or what my business needs.

Like every profession, there are great people in HR who work very hard, every day. Human Resources functions have fallen behind though. While other professions are in the midst of being disrupted or disrupting themselves, HR is still talking about why they don’t have a seat at the table!

There is a better way

Borrowing from the agile manifesto, we set ourselves apart by moving quickly and easily. We apply these principles where it makes sense to do so, we are not software developers. We work towards an agreed plan with agreed outcomes and use these principles to guide HOW we get there.

How are we different?

Our FOUNDERS have extensive experience in senior HR roles across different industries and organisations.

WE’VE BEEN THERE, and can understand what our CLIENT’S NEED, matching our capabilities accordingly.

Our RECRUITMENT PROCESS is very rigorous, and our “bench” comprises HR people with the right experience, capabilities, mindset and behaviours.

We TAILOR OUR OFFERINGS to address the specific needs of our clients, based on our experience and our suite of toolkits.

We have a DEPTH AND BREADTH of experience and capability to be able to meet our client’s needs.

Our BUSINESS MODEL enables us to price competitively as we don’t have significant overheads or partnership models to manage.

Our Mission

Delivering Real Business Value through exceptional People

Our Values

  • We Care – About each other and the businesses we support
  • We Take Accountability – For ourselves and the success of shilo.
  • We Build Trust – Through authenticity, empathy and collaboration
  • We Seek to Understand – The context, business and people we are supporting
  • We Listen – Then Act.

Because all great relationships start with a conversation….