Well for many of us, we may be up to week 5, 6, 7 or even 8 of some form of self-isolation. Some of the clients I work with were well ahead of the curve and proactively moved their employees to working from home well before it was officially a requirement while others took a little longer to adjust. However most of us by now are getting used to working remotely if we weren’t already, and perhaps we have finally mastered the use of Zoom, Teams, Google Hangouts or Facebook and for some, we may even have been having some fun with it!

But… I don’t know about you, but for me, this is starting to feel a bit tedious. The whole video meeting thing is very tiring and intense. It is exhausting.

I don’t mind being at home, I don’t really miss the socialising, I am quite happy to be in my cocoon with a good book and some music. I am naturally introverted – as a kid I was very shy (some of my colleagues might find this a bit hard to believe!). I know others like me who are generally feeling ok about being at home more. However just in the last week or so, my motivation is starting to wane, my days seem disorganised and ‘bitsy’, I’m getting walks in every day which is great and my yoga, but it doesn’t seem to have the same effect it did a few weeks ago. I feel like I need a holiday! I know I am not the only one feeling this.

At shilo. we recently ran a small survey across our network of colleagues, friends and fellow HR professionals. The number one concern and the area people felt they needed the most help was the health and wellbeing of their staff. As this goes on, the effects on peoples’ mental health will unfortunately only increase. We see the stats and know this is true. So, what do we do as HR Professionals?

Look after yourself first.

It is like the safety warnings on a plane, you cannot help others unless you help yourself first. Be kind to yourself, have confidence in what you are doing, ask for help… it really is ok to do this!

Exercise. Regularly.

Even if it is a walk around the block. Do not feel pressured to do the whole online gym/F45/train for a marathon thing if that’s not your bag. Some people are finding their steps have dropped off – others seem to have taken it upon themselves to get 20,000 a day! Do what works for you… but do something.

Eat well.

Baking might be fun for some and certainly for the kids… overeating and drinking can be a way of dealing with anxiety for many. Try and have a few alcohol-free days (AFD’s)… and a few healthier meals through the week. Although it is still ok to spoil yourself sometimes too!

Don’t let what others do get you down.

Some people are so driven and seem to have it so in control. Social media can be a curse. Do what is right for you. Some people are just naturally driven. Most of us do the best we can. This is ok!

Take a break.

When we go to the office, we get up, walk around, go out at lunchtime, have a chat over a coffee. We do NOT spend 8 hours in a Zoom conference! We do NOT spend 4 hours home schooling our kids. Do the same at home… take breaks. Make sure you schedule time between meetings to grab a coffee or go for a walk.

Check in on your friends and work colleagues

A phone call, a quick text. Just check in. Everyone deals with stuff differently. The personal touch should not be under-estimated. Ask them if they’re ok. If you are concerned about someone, please ring them, offer support and direct them to support networks if needed.

Get help

If you don’t feel right or you are concerned about yourself or any of your colleagues. Please get help. Talk to someone you trust and if you just can’t… reach out to one of the wonderful services available to us here in Australia.

Lifeline Australia 13 11 14 | Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636