Change & Transformation

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Business transformation is about making fundamental changes to how a business operates. This includes impacts to people, processes, and technology. Transformations usually help organisations compete more effectively, become more efficient, or make a fundamental strategic change. Business transformation activities typically fall into one (or more) of these five categories:

  • Business Process Transformation—this transformation focuses on the “how” of getting things done and might include the use of new methodologies such as agile.
  • Information/Data/Digital Transformation—these transformations are specifically focused on using technology to unlock additional value.
  • Organisational Transformation—altering resource allocation is key to many transformations.
  • Leadership Transformation—as companies strive for growth in competitive marketplaces, they need to look at how their leaders undertake decision-making, prioritisation and react to new developments (adaptability and learning agility).
  • Cultural Transformation—cultural transformation is in some ways the hardest business transformation activity. Cultures tend to evolve organically and over time, driven by the personalities of leadership and how people and their behaviours are rewarded and recognised. A cultural transformation can take many years.

Change management is about how we prepare, equip and support people to adopt change in order to drive successful organisational outcomes.

When your organisation undertakes projects or initiatives to improve performance, create business opportunities or address key issues, they often require changes; changes to processes, job roles, organisational structures and types and uses of technology.

However, it is the employees who must ultimately change how they do their jobs. If employees embrace and adopt the changes required, it should deliver the expected results.

The way your people are kept informed, included, consulted and engaged is critical to the successful implementation of any business transformation or change initiative.

shilo.consultants can partner with you to successfully implement any transformation or change initiative. This includes:

  • Defining the people impacts of a transformation or change initiative.
  • Providing a detailed outline of the impacts on the employee experience.
  • Assessing the change impacts and creating a change management plan that includes a communications plan, stakeholder management plan and upskilling and training requirements.
  • Redesigning processes and identify the people impacts.
  • Supporting design thinking processes to help you create people focused solutions that lead to early and significant adoption by those impacted by the change.
  • Leading a human-centered design approach to developing principles that ensure products and services are relevant and beneficial to the end user (end customer or internal customers).
  • Helping you redefine the future ways of working relevant to your business and providing guidance and planning to equip your employees with new skills to thrive in this new environment.
  • Creating and implementing change training programs such as, leading though change or coping with change.