HR Strategy & Planning

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A Human Resource Strategy is the plan for managing an organisations human capital. The human resources strategy or People Strategy as it is sometimes known, needs to completely align to the strategy, goals and objectives of the business. The Human Resource strategy should define the key focus areas, objectives and key result areas over an agreed time period (usually 3-5 years) and can include aspects of the entire employee lifecycle prioritised on the basis of critical business need. The specific initiatives required to deliver on your strategy need to be expanded upon during the normal business planning cycle (usually a 12-month cycle).

Regardless of the size or complexity of your organisation, a Human Resource Strategy should be the foundation for all your HR and people practices.

Planning your workforce for the short, medium and long-term is critical to the success of any organisation, no matter what size. Workforce Planning enables a business to plan for the skills and capabilities they need in the future. Some of the emerging factors to consider include:

  • Demographic changes with an aging workforce.
  • Increasing global competition requiring cost reduction and improved efficiency.
  • Talent management including finding people with the right drive and motivation.
  • The digitalisation of work and disruptive innovation leading to a need for greater adaptability and flexibility.

shilo.consultants can help you to create a people strategy aligned to your organisations objectives and goals. We will support you to:

  • Develop a people strategy aligned to critical business needs with clear, measurable outcomes.
  • Develop a workforce plan that equips your business to define and build on the key skills, experiences and capabilities required for your people and your business to deliver now and into the future.
  • Manage strategic interventions including mergers, acquisitions, or a change in business direction.
  • Build board and performance reporting templates aligned to the people plan and strategic organisation risks.
  • Identify key HR interventions or programs of work to help support the delivery of an organisations strategic goals in line with organisation planning cycles.
  • Establish a ‘fit for purpose’ performance framework and identify suitable methodologies where appropriate, enabling management and employees to effectively monitor company, business and individual performance outcomes.
  • Define the operating model and organisation including the organisation design and structure, leadership capabilities and functional skills required to meet the overall organisation strategy. Factoring in key decisions required affecting the shape, size and cost of the organisation.
  • Define the most appropriate resourcing model for your business including defining key roles, accountabilities, skills, knowledge and experience to undertake the work required to deliver on business goals.
  • Define the behaviours and workstyles that enable you to achieve your desired culture.