HR Consulting Canberra

Our team of HR consultants in Canberra is dedicated to delivering exceptional HR consulting services that provide real business value. With extensive experience in senior HR roles across different industries and organisations, our founders understand what our clients need and can match our capabilities accordingly.

We take a client-focused approach, working closely with each organisation to understand their unique needs and tailor our solutions accordingly. Our recruitment process is rigorous, and our bench comprises HR people with the right experience, capabilities, mindset and behaviours. We have a depth and breadth of experience and capability to be able to meet our client’s needs.

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Our Canberra HR Services are suitable for

  • Businesses requiring specialist HR expertise, such as in industrial relations or talent acquisition.
  • Companies without a dedicated HR team, requiring HR support on an as-needed basis.
  • Established businesses seeking to improve or streamline their HR processes.
  • Businesses that require HR support for specific projects or initiatives.
  • Start-ups looking to establish their HR function and practices.
  • Companies that need help with compliance and risk management in HR.
  • Interim HR executives, who can step in and manage HR functions while a permanent replacement is recruited.
  • Businesses undergoing change or transformation, such as mergers or acquisitions.
  • Organisations seeking to improve employee engagement, culture, and wellbeing.

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What problems can an HR Consultant solve for my Canberra business?

An HR consultant can solve a wide range of HR-related problems such as high employee turnover, poor employee engagement, legal compliance issues, lack of HR expertise, and inadequate performance management. They can also help you develop your workforce strategy, develop HR policies and procedures that align with your business goals and values, provide you with guidance and support during the recruitment and selection process, and ensure that your workforce is trained and developed to meet your business goals. Additionally, an Human Resources Canberra consultant can provide you with advice and support during periods of change, transformation or crisis, including mergers and acquisitions, reorganisations, fast growth or downsizing.

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We seek

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